Hegel and the future course of the blog

I’ve picked up a book by H. S. Harris titled Hegel’s Ladder, which is a long, two part commentary and analysis on Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit spanning over 1500 pages and written over three decades.

While only starting and setting up this website/blog, I’ve already found myself in a situation where due to some personal circumstances there was the need for a short break in the posts appearing here; and due to this prolongued pause and the slight change of path of my interests recently I have decided to switch the entire style of publishing at this address. Keep in mind this entire site is basically just an online blog with my real name attached to it, a mere platform meant mostly for my personal reflection, with it being public at the same time, as blogs are by their nature.

So far I’ve either copied or translated a few politically relevant newspaper articles that appeared accross different media, mostly starting with philosopher Žižek’s very recent papers on Ukraine since the outbreak of the war. As a short note here, let me say the February attack on Ukraine by Putin’s forces has seriously shocked and surprised me, to put it mildly, both due to the fact that the United States president Biden was warning about the forthcoming invasion just a few days prior to when it actually happened, and also to my personal disbelief that it would actually happen. Some people would of course argue that the war in Ukraine has been ongoing since at least 2014, but I will put that question on the side for now.

My initial desire to start a blog began when I recently saw two different documentary films by the American filmmaker Oliver Stone on the specific topic of Ukraine, made during the past decade, with one film available on the YouTube platform freely to the public, and the other one supposedly censored on the platform. I got both from the piracy site tpb, but I’m mostly mentioning this as it was the main impetus to set up a website of this kind at all was nothing more than a need for a space where I could post the two film reviews. The reviews were never written, nor appeared, half due to the distractions in my daily life, but also due to the volatility of the situation in Ukraine, where the almost four-month ongoing conflict has really reached entire new levels of warfare, the kind humanity has not seen for long decades, with global escalations of different kinds appearing in different superpower countries, and the impending hunger problems on a global scale together with the rise of costs of living generally.

As far as my interests go, I’ve recently started a kind of an archive of the talks delivered by Žižek through the past two decades on my personal channel on YouTube mostly due to the fact that I learned a major website that was making those available is going offline in a few months, around February next year, and I wanted to keep backups available to the public, as I find those very valuable. But this has also lead me to decide I want to revisit one of my older personal interests in the study of philosophy, that is the work of G.W.F. Hegel, so consequently I’ve picked up a book by H. S. Harris titled Hegel’s Ladder, which is a long, two part commentary and analysis on Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit spanning over 1500 pages and written over three decades. I’ve also reopened a user page on a social-network made for book reading, where I will be tracking my daily progress, at least with this specific book for now. I’ve had accounts on this site in the past, but lost access, so I had to create a brand new one.

I’m mostly mentioning the change of my interests recently due to the fact that this will also without a doubt impact my future posts here on this site and the development of my forthcoming interests. So I am for now abandoning my project of translating or transcribing news articles from public media and changing the blog into a more of a space of personal reflection on the literature I’m reading. So there should not be so many daily news here, the site should serve as more of a space for personal reflection instead.

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