Ukraine retreats from Sievierodonetsk

Deutsche Welle reports: Ukrainian troops are retreating from the eastern city of Sievierodonetsk after weeks of fierce fighting against invading Russian forces. A regional official said Ukraine’s units would move to stronger positions. Recent days have seen Russia make significant gains around the strategic eastern city. Russia is trying to encircle Ukrainian forces and seize the entire Donbas region. Local Ukrainian officials say the fighting is intensifying and nowhere in the east is safe anymore for residents. The European Union’s decision this week to grant Ukraine ‘candidate status’ marked what Brussels called the beginning of a long journey that the two sides would walk together. But supporting Ukraine will come at a cost for Europe in the form of soaring energy prices.

Al Jazeera English reports: Defending Ukrainian troops will have to withdraw from the embattled city of Severodonetsk, the governor of Ukraine’s Luhansk region has said, after weeks of fierce fighting against Russian forces in the strategic city.

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