Opinion: If Trump Will Run for US President, He Will Run on a Nationalist Platform Against The Ukraine Recovery Plan

I spent yesterday evening watching various american political video clips on the more right-wing, conservative, Republican pole of their political spectrum.

While I do to some extent empathize with ex-President Donald Trump’s personal-political state he is in at the moment, due to the countless attempts to incriminalize his former presidency, to the extent of using the state secret service to turn his own daughter against him at the so-called “January 6th” public show trials, I was absolutely disgusted by his idea of launching an ultra-nationalist platform as the start of his second presidency for United States this month.

There have been local “conspiracy theories” about sexual intercourse between Trump’s daughter and american secret service agents in the White House during his first run; and as the Hegelian joke goes, while this might be factually a complete lie and fabrication, it does reveal a sad state of affairs of his personal family relations worsening due to his engagement with formal politics and moving away from his previous business, real-estate and media oriented persona.

The problem with nationalist logic is very simple: while it might be good enough in practice, it always fails in theory. Trump’s long-standing brand of staple political opportunism (his rebranding of himsels as a religious, anti-immigrant figure) may as well destroy what he cares about most.

But ultimately, I think the very fact of the sudden reappearance of Trump in the midst of this precise moments tells us a lot about the absolute failure of Biden’s senility.

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