Protest Over Fuel Prices in Bosnian Republika Srpska: Transporters Parked Their Trucks

Radio-Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHRT) reports: Fuel carriers in Republika Srpska parked their trucks early this morning and thus interrupted the delivery of goods, and the reason is dissatisfaction with fuel prices. “From today, the fuel filling boycott begins and we are not loading goods at all destinations. And that will last 10 days,” said the president of the Association of Carriers for Internal and International Transport of the Republika Srpska, Nikola Grbić.

He pointed out that he is expecting a call from the institutions today in order to solve the problem. “We are in a difficult situation because of fuel prices. Everyone who is unhappy with fuel prices will support us. Those who are satisfied with worse prices will not support us. This will cause big losses for us, but we are forced to do this,” said Grbić. He stated that they were not going to block traffic, but that they had parked their trucks.

Translated with Google Translate.

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