Yemen’s humanitarian catastrophe is about to get much worse

United Nations Security Council briefing by Joyce Msuya, Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator, on the situation in Yemen:

Joyce Msuya reiterated that Yemen’s humanitarian catastrophe is about to get much worse. The deputy chief of the humanitarian affairs said, “humanitarian needs across the country – including risk of famine in some areas – could rise sharply in the coming weeks and months. The international community must act quickly and decisively to stop this.”

Msuya also said, “the Ukraine war is also threatening the supply chains that bring in Yemen’s food – nearly 90 per cent of which must be imported. Last year, just under half of all wheat came from Russia and Ukraine.”

She reiterated that given the acute emergency, quick action is needed to address these challenges. Msuya also highlighted that aid work is becoming more difficult and more dangerous. She said, “intimidation and incitement against aid agencies have continued across Yemen. This is being fuelled by misinformation amplified through social media, messaging apps and in some public forums.”

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