Fire in Slovenia: 120 pieces of unexploded bombs were removed in seven days

RTVSLO reports: The massive fire on the Goriška Karst is under control, said Simon Vendramin, the head of the fire department intervention. However, he estimated that today, despite the current good prospects, there is a probability of a fire breaking out again, as windstorm is causing problems.

Certain fire lines are still active in some places. Firefighters and 10 aircraft are fighting them. “I hope we can handle them today despite the threat of wind,” said Vendramin.

They are currently fighting fires in the northern part of the fire area, on the slope along the Vipava valley. The wind makes it especially difficult for aerial extinguishing, or the accuracy of throwing water.

There are approximately 1,630 people on the ground, including 1,111 firefighters, 140 members of the Slovenian Army, 260 woodcutters and other members of the protection and rescue forces, the Ministry of Defense wrote on Twitter.

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