Palestinian gunman wounds eight in Jerusalem attack

BBC News reports: Eight people have been wounded after a Palestinian gunman opened fire at two locations in Jerusalem, officials say.

The assailant targeted a bus carrying Jewish worshippers who had just prayed at the Western Wall as well as people in a car park near the holy site.

Two of the wounded are in a serious condition, including a pregnant woman. US citizens were among the victims.

The gunman, identified as a resident of occupied East Jerusalem, fled the scene but later turned himself in.

Israeli police said he had a criminal record but no known affiliations with Palestinian militant groups.

They believe that he acted alone, but they are concerned that he might inspire copycat attacks.

The driver of the bus targeted by the gunman said it had been full of passengers coming from the Western Wall, the holiest place where Jews are allowed to pray, when it stopped at the Tomb of David station in the early hours of Sunday.

The pregnant woman was shot in the stomach and had to have an emergency Caesarean section at Jerusalem’s Shaarei Tsedek Hospital. A hospital spokesman told AFP news agency that the woman was in a serious condition and that her baby was in a serious but stable condition.

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