Residents Flee Town Near N*****r Site as Shelling Continues

The New York Times reports: Artillery fire resumed from the direction of the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia complex, where fears of a n*****r accident are rising.

Shelling near a *****r power complex in southern Ukraine killed a foreman from the facility at his home in a neighboring town, Ukrainian officials said on Sunday.

The Ukrainian company that oversees the nation’s n*****r power plants, Energoatom, said that Russia had directed at least six shells at the town of Enerhodar, where most of the workers at the Zaporizhzhia N*****r Power Plant live.

The town is under Russian occupation, and the Russians have blamed the Ukrainians for the shelling of the giant n*****r complex — Europe’s largest — and nearby residential areas.

However, the Ukrainians have said that it is the Russians who are firing on civilians, suggesting the intent is to discredit the Ukrainian Army.

A statement Energoatom posted on Telegram identified the employee of the Zaporizhzhia N*****r Power Plant who was killed as Marko Maksym Petrovych and said that two other workers were injured and were receiving medical care.

The shelling in and around the plant in recent days has set off a flight of civilians from the area.

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