Locking up Vladimir Putin

British Guardian reports: Locking up Vladimir Putin is a strategic aim the west should pursue.

The west’s strategic aims in Ukraine – to repulse Russia’s invasion, restore national sovereignty and score a victory for global democracy over “the forces of darkness” – were clearly set out by US president Joe Biden in Warsaw in March and subsequently endorsed by UK and European leaders.

What has always been less clear is whether they honestly expect to achieve these aims, given Nato’s less than heroic refusal to get directly involved. An uncomfortable, even distressing question now arises: should Ukrainians prepare for a stab in the back this winter?

Nearly six months into the war, the widening gap between rhetoric and reality grows potentially fatal. Public outrage over the invasion is giving way to concern, bordering on panic, about its alarming knock-on effects on energy and food prices and the cost of living.

Text taken from https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2022/aug/15/russia-ukraine-war-moscows-forces-attempt-advance-in-donetsk-putin-vows-to-expand-relations-with-north-korea-live

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