Bosnia and Herzegovina: “We expect Russia to refrain from making any statements that do not contribute to peace”

We expect the Russian Federation, as well as all the countries that are guarantors of the Dayton Peace Agreement, to refrain from any statements that do not contribute to peace and stability, including mentions of unidentified ‘provocations’, and we expect them to support the country’s actions in accordance with the constitution and laws and in the interest of citizens.

—Bisera Turković, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Local weekly Mladina reports: On Tuesday, after ten years, the first German soldiers arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday, a total of 28 of them are expected to arrive, who will operate as part of the EU peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUFOR).

Also in this light, the Russian embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina accused NATO of planning to occupy this country.

BiH Foreign Minister Bisera Turković condemned their accusations and emphasized that NATO is not an occupier of any kind.

Germany wants to provide reinforcements for EUFOR’s operation Althea with the new military forces, among other things, due to increasing political tensions in Bosnia and Herzegovina before the October general elections.

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