Kyiv: The War is in a Stalemate. Meanwhile, the meeting of Zelensky, Erdogan and Guterres in Lviv

At least eleven people were killed and 12 wounded in the Russian shelling of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday evening.

A skyscraper was hit in Kharkiv, and other locations in the city were also affected, regional governor Sinegubov announced.

Ukrainian President Zelensky described the shelling as “a barbaric and cynical attack on civilians for which there is no excuse.”

Ukraine expects new Russian missile attacks on the capital Kyiv on Independence Day, August 24, Arestovič, adviser to the Ukrainian president, announced on Wednesday.

However, this would not change the military situation, it would only be a gesture to spoil the holiday, he said, according to Kiev. “We are in a stalemate“, he added.

In the south, Ukrainian forces repelled an attempted attack by Russian forces northeast of Kherson, Ukrainian military analyst Zhdanov said.

The operational command of the Ukrainian armed forces in the south of the country announced that they killed 29 occupiers and destroyed some weapons, armored vehicles and a warehouse of military supplies, reports Reuters.

Meanwhile, the meeting between Zelensky, Turkish President Erdogan and United Nations Secretary General Guterres took place today in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv.

According to the announcements, among other things, they talked about the necessity of ending the war in Ukraine by political means, the export of grain from Ukrainian ports and the nuclear power plant in Zaporozhye.

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