Todd McGowan & Douglas Lain: ” Ukraine could not be invaded, were it not invadable”

Douglas Lain, a self-proclaimed American “Leftist” hosts a YouTube channel officially dedicated to the study of, among other literary authors, the main philosopher of German classical philosophy, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

As Lain runs a show there, he recently invited a fellow American Hegelian academic Todd McGowan, the author of a recent publication titled Emancipation After Hegel, published by the esteemed Columbia University Press.

Both of them are self-proclaimed “Leftists” of the “Marxian” variety (that is, even proclaiming to follow the thought of Karl Marx, or some other French Marxian authors of the 20th century like Guy Debord), so they decided to co-host a show together recently, as an introduction to which a very short clip was added at the very beginning of the video, with Todd McGowan laughing, joking and saying into the camera: “Ukraine couldn’t have been invaded, were it not “invadable”!“.

As far as my limited knowledge of the situation regarding the invasion of Ukraine by Russia starting at the end of February 2022 goes, approximately 12 million civilians living within Ukraine have been either internally displaced due to war or had to flee to neighbouring countries, for example Poland, and have received refugee status.

These “YouTube Leftists”, who are backed and massively financed by prominent american academia like Columbian University, make their living off of proclaiming themselves as some kind of political leftists, with a progressive reading of Hegel, yet have absolutely no problem deriving jokes from the suffering of millions of people abroad.

As Donald Trump influenced politicians would say, “the war in Ukraine is none of our [United States] business, it’s an European problem, not ours“, so making jokes about wars that are happening abroad, as long as it’s not happening to them, seems to be fine to McGowan’s and Lain’s standards.

What these quasi-Leftist quasi-Hegelians like McGowan and Lain lack is the very basic philosophical self-reflexive gesture that any honest student is capable of making, that is, to make a basic inquiry about the nature of their own foolish appearance before they go on ridiculing others.

As they seem to endorse the isolationist Trumpian politics of making fun out of major wars abroad (a gesture which is in American ideological space even a far-right sign of political Libertarianism in the vain of Ayn Rand inspired ideologists and not even close to anything progressive), why don’t they simply follow this logic to its ideological conclusion and then also accept the isolationist Trumpian position where Trump at a certain time, while in power, said “warhead missiles should be launched by the United States into Mexico”, due to the similar migrant phenomena of the inflow of manual labourers crossing the border on the South of the country?

Or to put it in another way, while it might be true that Ukraine was technically invadable, the quasi-Hegelians like Todd McGowan and Douglas Lain forget, that so is the United States, which had such an immense fear of basic ordinary workers moving North across the border (who are simply trying to economically prosper) that the United States went into panic mode, put up a huge wall along its border (apparently trying to imitate the Great Wall of China) and erected a stupid new modern wonder of civilization, further proving the immense stupidity and cowardliness of the ordinary American people for the entire globe to see.

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