Ukrainian military intelligence believes Russia planning ‘provocation’ at Zaporizhzhia n*****r plant tomorrow

Defence intelligence of Ukraine issues warning over what they say is an unexpected ‘day off’ for employees at the plant.

“The occupiers announced an unexpected ‘day off’ at the Zaporizhzhia n*****r power station. On 19 August, only operative personnel will be at the ZNPP. Entry to all other employees will be closed,” defence intelligence of Ukraine tweeted.

After meeting the UN secretary general Guterres in Lviv today, Zelensky said the United Nations must ensure the security of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant occupied by Russian forces, Reuters is reporting.

Today, Russia said it could shut down the plant, which is Europe’s largest nuclear reactor, after it came under shelling at the frontlines in Ukraine.

With tensions continuing to rise around the plant, scientists with the Ukrainian Hydrometeorology Institute simulated the radiation spread of a nuclear disaster. Scientists found that with the weather conditions of the past few days, radioactive contaminants could reach as far north as the Baltic Sea, hitting Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland along the way, as well as Belarus. Heading west, radioactive contaminants would enter Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

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