Ukrainian Energy Company: Russian forces will soon disconnect Zaporozhye from the Ukrainian grid

Ukraine’s state-owned energy company Energoatom, which still operates the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, claims that Russian forces are preparing a “larger-scale provocation” in the near future. The nuclear power plant is supposed to be disconnected from the Ukrainian electricity system.

According to the BBC, Russia has already spoken publicly about these plans in the past. Zaporozhye was supposed to be connected to the Russian energy system if Kyiv continued to refuse to pay for the electricity obtained from the Ukrainian power plant, which has been under the control of Russian forces since March.

“Russia could theoretically set up a bypass, but it would take a long time,” Energoatom spokesman Leonid Oliynyk explained to the British media.

“Now the nuclear power plant is operating at a minimum, but Kyiv remains its manager, and all electrical installations are under the control of Ukraine,” he further explained. Before the war, Zaporozhye produced 20 percent of the total energy in Ukraine.

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