Ukrainian Zaporizhzhia Power Plant Still Disconnected from the Grid

Guardian reports: Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia n*****r power plant is still disconnected from the grid after fires broke out around the plant yesterday. Ukrainian authorities and international experts are increasingly warning that there may be n*****r catastrophe unless fighting around the plant desists.

Problems with the electricity supply to the plant appear to be unresolved as of this morning. The plant was disconnected twice yesterday when the blaze affected the fourth and last connection into the plant’s reactors. Three other lines had already been taken out because of the war.

Energoatom, Ukraine’s state n*****r agency, said that work was underway to restore the plant’s connection to the grid and the plant’s own needs was currently being supplied through a power line from Ukraine’s electricity system.

Energoatom said it could not comment today on the security systems or the operations of the equipment. Yesterday it said they had information that they were working normally.

The n*****r plant, Europe’s largest, relies on electricity to keep its reactors cool. During an outage, the plant still received supplies of electricity from one remaining backup line connected to the nearby conventional power plant, Energoatom said. There were three of these lines before the war, but two have been cut.

If all external connections go down, it must rely on diesel-fuelled generators for power. If they break down, engineers only have 90 minutes to stave off dangerous overheating.

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