Deadly political violence in Libya, fears of war

Yesterday, the armed forces of the internationally recognized government of Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeib tried to drive out a convoy of militia loyal to Fati Bashaga, who is recognized by the rival parliament in the east of the country as the Libyan prime minister.

Oil-rich Libya, which had one of the highest living standards in Africa, is in chaos and divided into eastern and eastern western part. Different militias are fighting for control.

Small arms fire and explosions were heard in several parts of Tripolis. Black smoke billowed over the city. Hospitals were also targets, rescue workers said. The UN mission in Libya announced that residential neighborhoods were also targeted by indiscriminate shelling during the clashes. They called for an immediate ceasefire.

At night, the situation calmed down at least temporarily, but experts warn that a new wave of violence could engulf Libya due to the political crisis.

In October 2020, a nationwide ceasefire came into effect. Dbeiba was appointed interim prime minister as part of the troubled UN-sponsored peace process until elections that were due to take place in December last year, but were then postponed indefinitely. Negotiations on holding elections did not bring success.

In February of this year, the parliament in eastern Tobruk installed former interior minister Bashaga in his place, since the mandate of Dbeib‘s government has expired and he must leave. But Dbeiba refuses to resign and insists that he will hand over power only to elected authorities.

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