Report claims Russia extensively uses cluster bombs in Ukraine

Deutsche Welle reports: Hundreds of cluster munition attacks by Russian forces have been documented, reported or alleged since Russia invaded Ukraine, causing hundreds of civilian casualties and damaging homes, schools and hospitals, a monitoring mody called Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) published on Thursday.

A war convention established in 2008 prohibits the use, transfer, production and stockpiling of cluster weapons.

While the convention has 110 state parties and 13 other signatories, neither Russia nor Ukraine is a party to it.

The CMC’s annual report on the use of such weapons around the world found that Ukrainian forces appear to have also used cluster munitions at least three times, adding that there was no evidence of Kyiv acquiring cluster munitions from other countries this year.

The 100-page report comes as parties to the convention prepare for a 10th annual meeting from August 30 in Geneva.

“Russia’s extensive use of internationally banned cluster munitions in Ukraine demonstrates a blatant disregard for human life, humanitarian principles and legal norms,” said Mary Wareham, one of the report’s co-editors.

Cluster munitions can be launched from the ground or dropped from the air and consist of containers that open and disperse submunitions indiscriminately over a wide area.

Many submunitions fail to detonate and leave trails of explosive remnants and submunitions that threaten lives and deny access to arable land.

The report’s co-editor, Marion Loddo, told DW that the weapons are so indiscriminate between civilians and the military that they had limited military use.

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