Hegel and the Challenge of Spinoza: A Study in German Idealism, 1801–1831

Hegel and the Challenge of Spinoza explores the powerful continuing influence of Spinoza’s metaphysical thinking in late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century German philosophy.

George di Giovanni examines the ways in which Hegel’s own metaphysics sought to meet the challenges posed by Spinoza’s monism, not by disproving monism, but by rendering it moot. In this, di Giovanni argues, Hegel was much closer in spirit to Kant and Fichte than to Schelling.

Di Giovanni’s new book offers a synoptic and accessible presentation of German idealism with an eye toward clarifying under-appreciated texts in overlooked periods of this tradition, particularly the late Fichte and the late Schelling, and highlighting understudied themes of central importance within this tradition, particularly the philosophy of religion and the concept of feeling.

DOWNLOAD: (.pdf)


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