G. W. F. Hegel: Key Concepts

The thought of G. W. F. Hegel (1770 -1831) has had a deep and lasting influence on a wide range of philosophical, political, religious, aesthetic, cultural and scientific movements. But, despite the far-reaching importance of Hegel’s thought, there is often a great deal of confusion about what he actually said or believed.

G. W. F. Hegel: Key Concepts provides an accessible introduction to both Hegel’s thought and Hegel-inspired philosophy in general, demonstrating how his concepts were understood, adopted and critically transformed by later thinkers. The first section of the book covers the principal philosophical themes in Hegel’s system: epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, ethical theory, political philosophy, philosophy of nature, philosophy of art, philosophy of religion, philosophy of history and theory of the history of philosophy. The second section covers the main post-Hegelian movements in philosophy: Marxism, existentialism, pragmatism, analytic philosophy, hermeneutics and French poststructuralism.

The breadth and depth of the book makes it an invaluable introduction for philosophical beginners and a useful reference source for more advanced scholars and researchers.

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Michael Baur
Part I: Hegel’s Thought
1. Epistemology by Jeffery Kinlaw
2. Metaphysics by Nathan Ross
3. Philosophy of Mind by John Russon
4. Ethical Theory by Brian O’Connor
5. Political Philosophy by Thom Brooks
6. Philosophy of Nature by Alison Stone
7. Philosophy of Art by Allen Speight
8. Philosophy of Religion by Martin De Nys
9. Philosophy of History by Lydia L. Moland
10. History of Philosophy by Jeffrey Reid
Part II: Hegel’s Legacy
11. Hegel and Marx by Andrew Buchwalter
12. Hegel and Existentialism by David Ciavatta
13. Hegel and Pragmatism by Paul Redding
14. Hegel and Analytic Philosophy by Russell Newstadt and Andrew Cutrofello
15. Hegel and Hermeneutics by Michael Baur
16. Hegel and French Post-Structuralism by Brent Adkins

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