Hegel’s Science of Logic: A Critical Rethinking in Thirty Lectures

This text provides a comprehensive guide to one of the most important and challenging works of modern philosophy. The systematic complexity of Hegel’s radical project in the Science of Logic prevents many from understanding and appreciating its value. By independently and critically working through Hegel’s argument, this book offers an enlightening aid for study and anchors the Science of Logic at a central position in the philosophical canon.

Winfield provides a clear and detailed guide through the entirety of one of the most influential, and demanding, works in the philosophic tradition. Following the lecture format and style, he calls attention to a problem, reaches an impasse, or confronts a dilemma, and then opens the way to a resolution, as he patiently leads the reader along the complex paths of Hegel’s argumentation. In the process he uncovers the novel project Hegel undertakes in his ‘Logic,’ while illuminating the role it plays in the Hegelian corpus as a whole.

— Robert B. Berman, Xavier University of Louisiana

DOWNLOAD: (.pdf & .epub)


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