Hegel and Christian Theology: A Reading of the Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion

This is an analysis of the interpretation of Christian theology that is found in G. W. F. Hegel’s Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion. Hodgson argues that these lectures are among the most valuable resources from the nineteenth century for theology as it faces the challenges of modernity and postmodernity.

Peter C. Hodgson engages the speculative reconstruction of Christian theology that is accomplished by Hegel’s Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion, and provides a close reading of the critical edition of the lectures. He analyzes Hegel’s concept of the object and purpose of the philosophy of religion, his critique of the theology of his time, his approach to Christianity within the framework of the concept of religion, his concept of God, his reconstruction of central Christian themes, and his placement of Christianity among the religions of the world. Hodgson makes a case for the contemporary theological significance of Hegel by identifying currently contested sites of interpretation and their Hegelian resolution.

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