The Hegel Myths and Legends

For many years, scholars in German idealism have known that a number of the views of Hegel rife in the Anglo-Saxon world are highly inaccurate. The essays collected in The Hegel Myths and Legends disabuse students and non-specialists of these misconceptions by exposing the myths for what they are.

Jon Stewart has selected a set of essays that treat and effectively debunk the various Hegel myths and Legends. The volume presents contributions from leading American and European Hegel scholars of several different generations, each of which treats one or more of the Hegel myths. The essays offer clear historical accounts of the origin and development of the various misconceptions as well as refutations of them based on the results of contemporary Hegel scholarship.

Divided into sections addressing the various myths and augmented by Stewart’s informative introduction and an extensive, bibliography, this collection is of interest to, scholars and non-specialists alike.

DOWNLOAD: (.pdf)


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