A Commentary to Hegel’s Science of Logic

Hegel is thought to be the pinnacle of German idealism and his work has undergone an enormous revival since 1975. Yet the work Hegel would have counted as the very center of his system, the Science of Logic, remains a largely uninterpreted work.

Hegel himself cautioned that his philosophy could not be understood without first acquiring a thorough grounding in his ‘logic’ of being and nothing. In this book David Gray Carlson presents a systematic interpretation of this work, through a system of easy-to-understand diagrams that lays bare precisely why Hegel’s ontological work is genuinely a ‘logic’.

Carlson’s work is the very first commentary that identifies and explicates each and every logical derivation Hegel performs, from the beginning in ‘Pure Being’ to the final ‘Absolute idea’ that underwrites the subject-object distinction. Carlson also points out the enormous parallels between Hegel’s system of ontology (i.e. the science of being) and the psychoanalytical theories of the late twentieth century.

DOWNLOAD: (.pdf)


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