Philosophy and Religion in German Idealism

This book contains the selected proceedings of a conference on Religion in German Idealism which took place in Nijmegen, Netherlands in January 2000. The conference was organized by the Centre of German Idealism, which co-ordinates the research on classical German philosophy in the Netherlands and in Belgium, with the support of the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research.

The studies in this book testify to the intimate relation of philosophy and religion in German idealism, a relation not also devoid of tensions and conflicts. Idealism gave expression to a certain affirmation of the autonomy of philosophical reason, but this autonomy was one that tried to take into account the importance of religion. The results of this claim to autonomy often moved towards criticism of religion, sometimes claimed to be more constructive in reforming the relation of philosophy and religion, or the outcome was a new questioning of philosophy itself and a different appreciation of religion. All of these possibilities are represented in the studies of this book.

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