Hegel’s Theology or Revelation Thematised

This book highlights Hegel’s application of Absolute Idealism’s logical truth, the basis of all mystical insight, to Christian orthodox confession. The systematic interpretation thus yielded illuminates the profound spirituality of this unitary sophia as (the) idea. The truth represented by spontaneous pictorial presentation, in Biblical or other proclamations at other times, is thereby further unveiled, understanding spiritual things spiritually.

The book traces philosophy and theology through Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas up to Hegel. It then applies its findings to topical issues, notions of revelation and creation principally, and then church order, sacraments, and ecumenism. Finally, history and theology are subsumed to the Absolute Idea or full self-consciousness. Philosophy is, thus, shown to be highest Gottesdienst, worship. Transcendence of abstract moralism, value-theory and all dualisms, as of life itself, is carried out here by thought, Aristotles nous. Hegel claims coincidence of freedom and necessity in speculative reason. A Prologue unifies these threads, presenting Hegels system as grounded upon Trinity and Incarnation as in turn resulting from it.

DOWNLOAD: (.pdf)


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