Hegel’s Political Philosophy: The Test Case of Constitutional Monarchy

Originally published in 1991, this volume examines Hegel’s political philosophy from the perspective of his argument for constitutional monarchy. It offers an interpretation of Hegelian theory that is relevant for the understanding of modern republican constitutions. Modern republican theories are assessed together with those of Plato, Kant and Marx in order to put Hegel’s model to the most rigorous test. The arguments are based on fresh analysis of Hegel’s system and on new translations of key passages in Hegel’s text.

Table of Contents:

1. The Model Constitution
2. Common Republican Arguments
3. From Plato’s Republic to Democratic Monarchy
4. From Kant’s Republicanism to Democratic Monarchy
5. From Marx’s Communal Constitution to Democratic Monarchy
6. Methodology and ‘Philosophical Necessity’
7. Hegel’s System
8. Hegel’s Prescription
9. Hegel’s Necessity
10. Hegel’s Social Theory
11. The Three Moment Structure of Hegel’s State and System
12. From Hegel’s Constitutional Monarchy to the Prescriptive Ideal

DOWNLOAD: (.pdf)


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