Journeys to Selfhood: Hegel and Kierkegaard

Taylor (Humanities and Religion, Williams College, Massachusetts) reconsiders the two philosophers based on the notion that all modern philosophy lies between the poles of their thought. He has added a new introduction to the 1980 original edition.

Arguably, among the major events of late-18th-century and early-19th-century contributions to Western philosophy are the publication of Hegel’s metaphysical idealism and the import it had for his understanding of Christian theology, and Kierkegaard’s critical response to Hegel’s theology. Taylor (philosophy, Fordham Univ.) carefully records and analyzes both Hegel’s and Kierkegaard’s work. Taylor’s work on this project itself constitutes a significant supplement to Hegel’s and Kierkegaard’s project and also to modern philosophy: Taylor clearly presents Hegel’s rationalistic methodology and his resulting metaphysical idealism, as well as Kierkegaard’s important creative contributions to theology and spirituality. The last three chapters treat the concept of selfhood and its development; they constitute a significant contribution to these currently very much studied areas. This volume is suitable for faculty; students, both graduates and undergraduates; and general readers. Highly recommended. ―Choice

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