The Routledge Companion to Nineteenth Century Philosophy

The nineteenth century is a period of stunning philosophical originality, characterised by radical engagement with the emerging human sciences. Often overshadowed by twentieth century philosophy which sought to reject some of its central tenets, the philosophers of the nineteenth century have re-emerged as profoundly important figures.

Table of Contents

Introduction Dean Moyar

Part 1: German Idealism
1. Self-Consciousness, System, Dialectic Scott Jenkins
2. Epistemology in German Idealism Dietmar Heidemann
3. The Philosophy of Nature of Kant Schelling and Hegel Dieter Wandschneider
4. The Moral Theory of German Idealism Allen Wood
5. The Political Theory of Kant, Fichte and Hegel Dean Moyar
6. The Aesthetics of Schelling and Hegel Rachel Zuckert

Part 2: Philosophy as Political Action
7. After Hegel: The Actualization of Philosophy in Practice Michael Quante
8. Karl Marx Tony Smith
9. Tocqueville, Social Science, and Democracy Jon Elster

Part 3: Rethinking the Subject
10. Early German Romanticism: the Challenge of Philosophizing Jane Kneller
11. Schopenhauer David Wellbery
12. Kierkegaard and German Idealism Merold Westphal
13. Nietzsche Ken Gemes and Chris Sykes
14. Bergson Keith Ansell-Pearson

Part 4: Engaging Naturalism
15. Comte’s Positivist Dream, Our Post-Positivist Burden Robert Scharff
16. Darwin’s Philosophical Impact Richard Richards
17. The Philosophy of Race in the Nineteenth Century Robert Bernasconi
18. Psychology and Philosophy Gary Hatfield
19. Dilthey and the Neo-Kantians: The Dispute Over the Status of the Human and Cultural Sciences Rudolph Makkreel and Sebastian Luft

Part 5: Utilitarianism and British Idealism
20. Mill: Logic and Metaphysics Fred Wilson
21. Mill’s Consequentialism Phillip Kitcher
22. British Idealism: Theoretical Philosophy Stewart Candlish
23. The British Idealists: Practical Philosophy and Social Responsibility David Boucher

Part 6: American Pragmatism and Idealism
24. C.S. Peirce Vincent Colapietro
25. William James Robert Burch
26. Josiah Royce David Schweikard

Part 7: New Directions in Philosophy of Mind and Logic
27. Post-Kantian Logical Radicalism Stephan Käufer
28. Franz Brentano Peter Simons
29. Gottlob Frege Kevin Klement
30. Edmund Husserl Christian Beyer

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