Hegel and Revolution

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was the most outstanding philosopher that emerged from the tumultuous period of change in Europe in the aftermath of the French Revolution. His ideas concerning change exerted a powerful influence on generations of thinkers and activists, including Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Whilst there are many books and articles on Hegel there are scant few that are accessible to those unfamiliar with philosophy. This book provides an introduction to Hegel for those who are unfamiliar with him. It examines three key areas of his philosophy – his understanding of alienation, his philosophy of history and the concept of dialectics – and the application and development of his method of analysis by Marx and Engels. With a world in crisis at so many levels, and with threats to humanity’s very existence growing all the time, everyone who tries to understand this reality in all its inter-connected complexity, and who seeks radical action to change it for the better, owes, like Marx, an enormous debt to Hegel.

DOWNLOAD: (.epub)


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