Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit: New Critical Essays

Hegel’s first major philosophical work is one of philosophy’s true masterpieces. Despite its notorious difficulty, it is one of the most influential philosophical works ever written. The Phenomenology is not only the first presentation of Hegel’s system; it also is an account of the historical development of Geist (spirit or mind) from Greek tragedy to the triumph of philosophy as science in Hegel’s own time.

This volume of essays offers an interpretation of the spirit of Hegel’s Phenomenology as well as a concise reading of the main text. It discusses also the historical and philosophical background of Hegel’s main work and takes note of its reception. Since the essays were written by philosophers from different countries―both established Hegel scholars and promising young researchers―this volume presents the reader with an international overview of recent Hegel research.

The main goal of the collection is to offer students a hermeneutical tool for the reading of Hegel’s masterpiece while opening up new fields of research for those who know Hegel and German philosophy well.

The contributors are Christoph Asmuth, Klaus Brinkmann, Paul Cobben, Alfred Denker, Richard Findler, Jeffery Kinlaw, Angelica Nuzzo, Tom Rockmore, Dale Snow, Mike Vater, Ludovicus De Vos, Robert Williams, and Holger Zaborowski.

DOWNLOAD: (.pdf)


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