‘Lectures on Natural Right and Political Science: The First Philosophy of Right’ by Georg W. F. Hegel

Philosophy of Right remains among the most influential works in Western political theory. It introduces a notion of civil society that has proven of inestimable importance to diverse philosophical and social agendas.

In this transcription of the lectures that formed the initial version of Hegel’s text, the philosopher presents his thought with a clarity and directness seldom matched in his later writings.

Nowhere does Hegel make clearer the difference between his concept of objective spirit and traditional concepts of natural law. Nowhere does he offer a more prominent treatment of the key notion of recognition. The long-awaited appearance of this first English-language translation of these lectures is a major event for Hegel scholars, philosophers, and political theorists.

Lectures on Natural Right and Political Science the First Philosophy of Right, Heidelberg 1817-1818, with Additions from the Lectures of 1818-1819. Transcribed by Peter Wannenmann. Edited by the Staff of the Hegel Archives, with an Introduction by Otto Pöggeler. Translated by J. Michael Stewart and Peter C. Hodgson.

DOWNLOAD: (.pdf)


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