Hegel 250—Too Late? | Problemi International, No. 4, 2020

Modernity begins with Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. He is the defining philosopher of the transition to the modern world. Today, with the globalization of hyper digital capitalism, we are entering a new massive transition, so on the occasion of Hegel’s 250th birthday in 2020 serious attempts were made to rethink Hegel’s relevance and to reimagine modern society’s debt to Hegel for our contemporary age.

Table of Contents

Hegel Reborn: A Brief Introduction to Hegel 250—Too Late? by Árpád-Andreas Sölter
1. Hegel’s Time! by Ana Jovanović, Bara Kolenc, Urban Šrimpf, Goran Vranešević
2. After Too Late: The Endgame of Analysis by Nadia Bou Ali and Ray Brassier
3. What’s the Time? On Being Too Early or Too Late in Hegel’s Philosophy by Mladen Dolar
4. Nature’s Externality: Hegel’s Non-Naturalistic Naturalism by Luca Illetteratti
5. The Time of Philosophy: On Hegel’s Conception of Modern Philosophy by Zdravko Kobe
6. Is It Too Late? by Bara Kolenc
7. “What, if Anything, Has Not Been Called Philosophizing?” On the Relevance of Hegel’s Conception of a Philosophical History of Philosophy by Christian Krijnen
8. What Is To Be Done: On the Theatricality of Power by Gregor Moder
9. Thinking Nothing by Sebastian Rödl
10. The Purlieu Letter. Towards the Hegelian Theory of Conditioning by Frank Ruda
11. Hegel and the Opaque Core of History by Jure Simoniti
12. Against Leviathan: Hegel’s, Fichte’s and Schiller’s Critique of Modernity, Alienation, and the State by Árpád-Andreas Sölter
13. The Athenian Owl and the Gallic Rooster—Dusk or Dawn? by Klaus Vieweg
14. Adorno’s Beethoven: Undoing Hegel from Within by Sven-Olov Wallenstein
15. Hegel In the Future, Hegel On the Future by Slavoj Žižek

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