Hegel: A Collection of Critical Essays

Table of Contents

I. The Contemporary Relevance of Hegel by J. N. Findlay
II. The Hegel Myth and Its Method by Walter Kaufmann
III. The Young Hegel and Religion by Walter Kaufmann
IV. Hegel: A Non-Metaphysical View by Klaus Hartmann
V. Hegel’s Concept of “Geist” by Robert C. Solomon
VI. The Opening Arguments of the Phenomenology by Charles Taylor
VII. Notes on Hegel’s “Lordship and Bondage” by George Armstrong Kelly
VIII. Hegel on Faces and Skulls by Alasdair MacIntyre
IX. The Formalization of Hegel’s Dialectical Logic by Michael Kosok
X. Hegel on Freedom by Richard L. Schacht
XI. Hegel Revisited by Shlomo Avineri

DOWNLOAD: (.pdf)

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