Hegel and Scepticism: On Klaus Vieweg’s Interpretation

“Hegel and scepticism” remains an intriguing topic directly concerning the logical and methodological core of Hegel’s system. A series of contributions is unfolding around a keynote paper by Klaus Vieweg, which tries to understand and restate the limits and the content of the relationship between Hegel’s philosophy and scepticism. Various Hegel readers with different concerns are dealing with Hegel’s strategy in a large range of theoretical areas.

Table of Contents


Klaus Vieweg / Sextus Empiricus als eigentlicher Vater der modernen Philosophie

Maria Daskalaki / Hegel’s Critique of Skepticism and the Concept of Determinate Negation

Georges Faraklas / “The dialectic of all that is determinate”

Anna Tigani / The Conception of Philosophizing

Jannis Kozatsas / Old and New Scepticism, Old and New Empiricism

Ioannis Trisokkas / Hegel on Scepticism in the Logic of Essence

Antonios Kalatzis / Faraway, So Close

Folko Zander / The Problem of Action in Pyrrhonian Skepticism

Stefan Enke / Politische Philosophie unter skeptischen Bedingungen

Johannes Korngiebel / Friedrich Schlegel’s Sceptical Interpretation of Plato

Suzanne Dürr / The Reception of Aenesidemus in Fichte and Hegel

Stella Synegianni / Isosthenie in der Praxis

Thodoris Dimitrakos / History of Philosophy of Science and Hegel’s Critique of Skepticism

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