Rethinking German Idealism

The ‘death’ of German Idealism has been decried innumerable times since its revolutionary inception, whether it be by the 19th-century critique of Western metaphysics, phenomenology, contemporary French philosophy, or analytic philosophy.

Yet in the face of two hundred years of sustained, extremely rigorous attempts to leave behind its legacy, German Idealism has resisted its philosophical death sentence. For this exact reason it is timely ask: What remains of German Idealism? In what ways does its fundamental concepts and texts still speak to us? 

Drawing together new and established voices from scholars in Kant, Fichte, Hegel, and Schelling, this volume offers a fresh look on this time-honoured tradition. It uses myriad of recently developed conceptual tools to present new and challenging theories of its now canonical figures.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction: What Remains of German Idealism? by Joseph Carew and S.J. McGrath
2 Kant’s Philosophy of Projection: The Camera Obscura of the Inaugural Dissertation by Constantin Rauer
3 The Meaning of Transcendental Idealism in the Work of F.W.J. Schelling by Alexander Schnell
4 ‘Animals, Those Incessant Somnambulists’: A Critique of Schelling’s Anthropocentrism by Devin Zane Shaw
5 The Non-existence of the Absolute: Schelling’s Treatise on Human Freedom by Cem Kömürcü
6 Disorientation and Inferred Autonomy: Kant and Schelling on Torture, Global Contest, and Practical Messianism by F. Scott Scribner
7 Th e Beech and the Palm Tree: Fichte’s Wissenschaftslehre as a Project of Decolonization by Jean-Christophe Goddard
8 Hegel on the Universe of Meaning: Logic, Language, and Spirit’s Break from Nature by Joseph Carew
9 Lack and the Spurious Infinite: Towards a New Reading of Hegel’s Philosophy of Nature by Wes Furlotte
10 Absolutely Contingent: Slavoj Žižek and the Hegelian Contingency of Necessity by Adrian Johnston
11 On the Difference Between Schelling and Hegel by S. J. McGrath
12 And Hence Everything Is Dionysus: Schelling and the Cabiri in Berlin by Jason M. Wirth
13 Beyond Modernity: The Lasting Challenge of German Idealism by Konrad Utz

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