Hegel and Modern Philosophy

Originally published in 1987, this volume reflects the diversity in Hegelianism and every branch of philosophy which he contributed to. It includes essays on his contribution to contemporary social philosophy, logic and the philosophy of religion. His work is examined in relation to Marx, Wittgenstein and his social philosophy discussed from a feminist standpoint.

Table of Contents

1. Hegel’s Historical Phenomenology and Social Analysis
Bernard Cullen
2. Hegel and Feminism Susan M. Easton
3. On Becoming
Anthony Manser
4. Sense and Meaning in Hegel and Wittgenstein
David Lamb
5. Hegel on Political Economy
Christopher J. Arthur
6. Marx’s Hegelianism: An Exposition Michael George
7. The Actual and the Rational
Sean Sayers
8. Hegel, Marx and Dialectic
Joseph McCarney
9. Hegel and Religion John Walker
10. The Difference Between Begrifflicher Spekulation and Mathematics in Hegel’s Philosophy of Nature
Wolfgang Neuser
11. Hegel’s Habilitationsthesen: A Translation with Introduction and Annotated Bibliography

DOWNLOAD: (.pdf)


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