Objective Fictions: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Marxism

This collection rethinks the relationship between objectivity and fiction through a series of ‘objective fictions’, such as fetishes, semblances, lies, rumours, sophistry, fantasies and conspiracy theories. It engages with modern and contemporary philosophical traditions and psychoanalytic theory, with all of these orientations being irreducible to either nominalist or realist approaches. The contributors are a mix of renowned thinkers and thinkers from the new generation, including Slavoj Žižek, Mladen Dolar, Frank Ruda and Samo Tomšič.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Beyond the Nominalism-Realism Divide: Objective Fictions from Bentham Through Marx to Lacan by Adrian Johnston, Boštjan Nedoh and Alenka Zupančič
1. Marx’s Theory of Fictions by Slavoj Žižek
2. Is Surplus Value Structured Like an Anamorphosis? Marx, Lacan, and the Structure of Objective Fiction by Boštjan Nedoh
3. Shades of Green: Lacan and Capitalism’s Veils by Adrian Johnston
4. From the Orderly World to the Polluted Unworld by Samo Tomšič
5. The Genesis of a False Dichotomy: A Critique of Conceptual Alienation by Cara S. Greene
6. Nietzsche’s Critique of Objectivity and It’s ‘Tools’ by Aleš Bunta
7. Tips and Tricks: Remarks on the Debate Between Badiou and Cassin on ‘Sophistics’ by Peter Klepec
8. On Rumors, Gossip and Related Matters by Mladen Dolar
9. ‘There is no such thing as the subject that thinks’: Wittgenstein and Lacan on truth and the subject by Paul M. Livingston
10. The Awful Truth: Games and their Relation to the Unconscious by Amanda Holmes
11. The Objective Construction: Freud and the Primal Scene by Tadej Troha
12. (From the Lie in the Closed World to) Lying in An Infinite Universe by Frank Ruda
13. A Short Essay on Conspiracy Theories by Alenka Zupančič

DOWNLOAD: (.pdf & .epub)

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