Parallax: The Dialectics of Mind and World

Parallax, or the change in the position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight and more precisely, the assumption that this adjustment is not only due to a change of focus, but a change in that object’s ontological status has been a key philosophical concept throughout history.

Building upon Slavoj Žižek’s The Parallax View, this volume shows how parallax is used as a figure of thought that proves how the incompatibility between the physical and the theoretical touches not only upon the ontological, but also politics and aesthetics.

With articles written by internationally renowned philosophers such as Frank Ruda, Graham Harman, Paul Livingston and Žižek himself, this book shows how modes of parallax remain in numerous modern theoretical disciplines, such as the Marxian parallax in the critique of political economy and politics; and the Hegelian parallax in the concept of the work of art, while also being important to debates surrounding speculative realism and dialectical materialism.

Spanning philosophy, parallax is then a rich and fruitful concept that can illuminate the studies of those working in epistemology, ontology, German Idealism, political philosophy and critical theory.

Table of Contents

Preface: Hegel and the Ethical Parallax by Slavoj Žižek
Introduction by Dominik Finkelde

1. Parallactic Entanglement. On the Subject-Object-Relation in New Materialism and Adorno’s Critical Ontology by Dirk Quadflieg
2. Žižek’s Parallax, or The Inherent Stupidity of All Philosophical Positions by Graham Harman
3. How Mind Fits into Nature. Mental Realism after Nagel by Markus Gabriel
4. Parallax in Hermeneutic Realism by Anton Friedrich Koch
5. Object-Disoriented Ontology. Realism in Psychoanalysis by Alenka Zupančič
6. Temporal Paradox, Realism, and Subjectivity by Paul M. Livingston
7. The Parallactic Leap. Fichte, Apperception, and the Hard Problem of Consciousness by G. Anthony Bruno
8. The Parallax of Ontology. Reality and Its Transcendental Supplement by Slavoj Žižek

9. Truth as Subjective Effect. Adorno or Hegel by Christoph Menke
10. Is Sex a Transcendental Category of Parallax? Revisiting the Feminist Second Wave by Nina Power
11. The Irony of Self-Consciousness. Hegel, Derrida, and the Animal That Therefore I Am by Thomas Khurana
12. A Squinting Gaze on the Parallax between Spirit and Nature by Frank Ruda
13. “I Am Nothing, but I Make Everything”. Marx, Lacan, and the Labor Theory of Suture by Adrian Johnston

14. Drama as Philosophy. The Tragedy of the End of Art by Todd McGowan
15. Parallaxes of Sinister Enjoyment. The Lessons of Interpassivity and the Contemporary Troubles with Pleasure by Robert Pfaller
16. Nautical Positioning. Navigating with Whitehead’s Process- Ontology by Eva Schürmann
17. Feeling at a Distance, or the Aesthetics of Unconscious Transmission by Tracy McNulty
18. The Dream That Knew Too Much. On Freud, Lacan, and Philip K. Dick by Dominik Finkelde

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