Between Tradition and Revolution: The Hegelian Transformation of Political Philosophy

The studies in this 1996 volume consider Hegel’s mature views on ethics and politics and relate them to the classical tradition of Western political thought.

Manfred Tiedel brings to the analysis of Hegel’s views a high level of scholarship and a thorough knowledge of earlier thinkers. Concentrating on the Philosophy of Right, he reveals connections which clarify Hegel’s understanding of his relationship with his predecessors and of the transformation of political philosophy which Hegel wanted to effect.

In doing so, he throws much needed light on the structure of Hegel’s work and on many of its more obscure doctrines concerning natural law, political economy, civil society and the state. Professor Riedel’s work is highly regarded in Germany.

The translation of these essays will provide a valuable counterpart to the approach of most English-speaking scholars and will help significantly to extend the understanding and appreciation of Hegel’s political philosophy.

DOWNLOAD: (.pdf)


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