The Blackwell Companion to Philosophy

This fully revised and updated edition of Nicholas Bunnin and E.P. Tsui-James’ popular introductory philosophy textbook brings together specially-commissioned chapters from a prestigious team of scholars writing on each of the key areas, figures and movements in philosophy.

Table of Contents

Contemporary Philosophy in the United States by John R. Searle
Contemporary Philosophy: A Second by Bernard Williams

Part I: Areas of Philosophy
1. Epistemology by A. C. Grayling
2. Metaphysics by Simon Blackburn, with a section on Time by Robin Le Poidevin
3. Philosophy of Language by Martin Davies
4. Philosophy of Logic by A. W. Moore
5. Philosophy of Mind by William G. Lycan
6. Ethics by John Skorupski
7. Aesthetics by Sebastian Gardner
8. Political and Social Philosophy by David Archard
9. Philosophy of Science by David Papineau
10. Philosophy of Biology by Elliott Sober
11. Philosophy of Mathematics by Mary Tiles
12. Philosophy of Social Science by Martin Hollis
13. Philosophy of Law by N. E. Simmonds
14. Philosophy of History by Leon Pompa
15. Philosophy of Religion by Charles Taliaferro
16. Applied Ethics by John Haldane
17. Bioethics, Genethics and Medical Ethics by Rebecca Bennett, Charles A. Erin, John Harris and Søren Holm
18. Environmental Ethics by Holmes Rolston, III
19. Business Ethics by Georges Enderle
20. Philosophy and Feminism by Jean Grimshaw and Miranda Fricker
21. Ethnicity, Culture and Philosophy by Robert Bernasconi

Part II: History of Philosophy
22. Ancient Greek Philosophy by Robert Wardy
23. Plato and Aristotle by Lesley Brown
24. Medieval Philosophy by Jorge J. E. Gracia
25. Bacon by Stephen Gaukroger
26. Descartes and Malebranche by Richard Francks and George Macdonald Ross
27. Spinoza and Leibniz by Richard Francks and George Macdonald Ross
28. Hobbes by Tom Sorell
29. Locke by R. S. Woolhouse
30. Berkeley by Howard Robinson
31. Hume by Peter Jones
32. Kant by David Bell
33. Hegel by Michael Inwood
34. Marx by Richard Norman
35. Bentham, Mill and Sidgwick by Ross Harrison
36. Pragmatism by Susan Haack
37. Frege and Russell by R. M. Sainsbury
38. Moore by Thomas Baldwin
39. Wittgenstein by David Pears
40. Nietzsche by David E. Cooper
41. Husserl and Heidegger by Taylor Carman
42. Sartre, Foucault and Derrida by Gary Gutting

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