Hegel and Legal Theory

The first collection of essays directed towards jurisprudence with a Hegelian theme. The editors are committed to the idea that Hegel is the future source of great energy and insight within the legal academy.

Table of Contents

Part I: Being, Person, Community and the Ethical Foundation of Law
1. The Repressed Intersubjectivity in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right by Michael Theunissen
2. Hegel’s Ambiguous Legacy for Modern Liberalism by Charles Taylor
3. Persons and Masks: The Phenomenology of Spirit and its Laws by Robert Bernasconi

Part II: Abstract Right and Private Law
4. Hegel’s Legal Plenum by Arthur J. Jacobson
5. Hegel and the Crisis of Private Law by Alan Brudner
6. The Priority of Abstract Right and Constructivism in Hegel’s Legal Philosophy by Peter Benson
7. Property, Contract, and Ethical Life in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right by Peter G. Stillman
8. Hegel and the Dialectics of Contract by Michel Rosenfeld
9. Right and Advantage in Private Law by Ernest J. Weinrib

Part III: Law, Family, Civil Society and the State
10. Lucinde’s Shame: Hegel, Sensuous Woman, and the Law by David Farrell Krell
11. A Reconstruction of Hegel’s Theory of Civil Society by Andrew Arato
12. Rethinking the Hegelian State by Fred Dallmayr
13. The Inherent Rationality of the State in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right by Bernhard Schlink

DOWNLOAD: (.pdf & .epub)


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