Hegel was right: The Myth of the Empirical Sciences

In Hegel was right the author demonstrates that the tradition of the grand philosophy (Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Hume, Kant and Hegel) made the gift of some key theses of crucial importance for the humanity. These theses widely resist the positivism and skepticism attack. The demonstrative key consists in making realize that the key concepts have not empirical meaning, so self consciousness is the only possible origin of concepts. By the way this explains how human beings from different cultures are capable to understand each other. The demonstrative route of all fundamental concepts (including those of the so called «empirical sciences»), are in the «Science of Logic» of Hegel, and in his «History of Philosophy». This book makes the balance.

Table of Contents

Foreword to the first English edition (Dr. Alberto Montoya Martín del Campo)
Foreword to the third Spanish edition (Héctor Villanueva)

Chapter I. Science and Literature
1. Literature and Caprice
2. Science Without Dogmatism

Chapter II. Why the Subject?
1. Something About Modern Physics
2. A Basic Principle
3. What Everybody Understands?
4. Leaving Terms Undefined?
5. Definitions by Decree
6. The Prejudice of Abstraction
7. Coup d’état against the Subject?
8. Meditionism

Chapter III. Subject
1. Concept
2. Self-Determination
3. Being
4. Substance
5. On the Method
6. Time
7. Intersubjectivity
8. Causality
9. Natural Law
10. Necessary

Chapter IV. Infinite and Distinction
1. Pseudoinfinite
2. Pseudouniversal
3. Infinite and Universal
4. Imputations
5. Distinction
6. Individuality
7. The Bottom of the Problem
8. Philosophy and Faith

Chapter V. Logic and Natural Sciences
1. Dialectics
2. Logic
3. Force
4. Explanatory Factors
5. Probability
6. Life
7. Conduct

Chapter VI. The Man and the State
1. Natural Goodness?
2. Happiness?
3. Ethicity
4. State
5. Family, Society, State
6. Two Issues about Humans

Hegel’s Works

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